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Explore Spanking

with us as we talk to normal people about their spanking experiences.  This site delves into spanking memories and corporal punishment.


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We do not believe spanking children is right or an effective form of discipline. Please visit Positive Parenting for tips on disciplining children without spanking.  For information on preventing child abuse, visit www.child-abuse.com.







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 Childhood memories of spankings, corner time, time out, and other discipline and punishment.  Spankings with wooden spoons, belts, paddles that lead a young lady, schoolgirl or little girl to tears and crying.  Amateur adults discuss how their parents thrashed, slapped, beat and abused their disobedient boys and girls, forcing them to submit to Daddy and Mommy.  Some were spanked over the knee, over their underwear or panties; others used the sting of a shoe to smack naughty bottoms in the corner to make them behave.  Then sent to bed without dinner until bad behavior changed.  Were they also given enemas and other anal punishments?  How hard should you spank?  How early should you begin spanking?  How long should you spank?  Should you spank over and over again?  If you enjoy real spanking or teen Jessica's punishments, you will enjoy Explore Spanking.  The best spanking downloads, DVD/CDs and videos of real people discussing their experiences.